Wednesday, January 30, 2008


It has been a rough two weeks.

Took the invisible plane down to a corporate meeting and it was just fun, fun fun....more like mandatory fun. The only time I got a chance to see outside was on the way to the meetings and on the way back to the hotel. Bummer. On top of that, I went down there and gained me 1.7lbs according to my new Weight Watchers Scale. Kill me now. I know what the culprit was - WINE and MORE WINE. But let me tell you, it is a sacrifice I'm willing to accept to have maintained my sanity through 4 days of cheezing with a bunch of people I did not want to cheeze with. Humph!

I'm back on the program and took that class again with the gym beeatches. I love the class but that woman was next to me again (actually moved my equipment in order to have her space-I swear Imma slap her silly real soon). I still keeping it tight and this little setback is all that it is. Stick with it SuperWomen - cause we are FABULOUS.

I was visiting one of my friends blog and here is her comments on being FAT or FABULOUS.

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