Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Oh my GOD! All I can say is it's a good day to start watching what I eat because after the party I had at my house last night I sure can't think about food. Uggg :-/ My tamales are not so hot this morning. I think my husband has gone outside of his mind again. He's got the nerve to challenge us already! He claims to have a group at his job, including himself, that thinks they can do better than we can. Nothing I love more than to prove him wrong.
So all you phat and fabulous women that have signed up here already, hike up your panties girls...to my office mate, keep me off those bagles. I want to look good when summer rolls through this year. I'll be wearing that target size before you know it and will show you the tag in the back of my hoochie mama jeans to prove it! Yeah baby...
The treadmill is calling.......good thing I'm hard of hearing in one ear and it's all the way in the basement because it won't see the bottom of my shoes today. I will go for a short walk later though around the block down to the river. Gotta start some where.
Happy 2008 ladies......it has to better than 2007. 99% of this 07 just sucked big slimey rotten eggs. It can only go up while my weight goes down.

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