Friday, January 11, 2008

Don't hate me because I'm going to be more beautiful

See my office partner and I are in sort of a sudo competition at the job with the other ladies there and they just think they are soooooo much going to win. Humph......they don't know our secret weapon we're about to turn on Monday. One claims to have lost "x" pounds already. Umhum, maybe in her head... she might've opened the air valve and relived some pressure but as far as those pounds go we'll see who's gonna win. We weigh once a week. Speaking of weighing in...I had to go do that the other day for the first time and I since I was at work and couldn't go make myself a big fat crown and coke to drown my shock and sorry I went back to my desk, dug in my purse to look for a pill for depression. :-( Since I have never been on any such medication of course I didn't have any. Never hurts to look though. Maybe my medication fairy had slipped me a little somethin' but no such luck.
Till next time ladies may your stomach feel full, may you not be tempted by some ooooie gooie goody, and may all our panties fit better this time next month!!! Have a great weekend!

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