Friday, January 4, 2008

Black Widow

Ahaha did the title get your attention? No I didn't murder him....yet....but I did find a black widow spider in the basement and will most definately be calling the bug man tomorrow. Can't deal with a me the willies.

Now see the reason I even found the black widow is because I actually went to the basement and got close enough to the treadmill to touch it! Now that's progress. No the spider wasn't on the hasn't sat idle long enough for wildlife to have taken up residency yet. I was looking around to find the best spot to set up a tv down there so when I do get on the stupid thing I can at least watch some QVC and make myself happy by buying a nice little something for myself while I'm miserable for 30 minutes on the stupid treadmill. :-)

I think I will have a frosty beverage, sit back and read my book a while. You know come to think of it my favorite kind of book to read is murder mystery, detective, conspiracy, spy type stories. Maybe I do have a little of that black widow in me. "I kill you!" }:-(

LOL later ladies!!

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