Sunday, January 6, 2008

Brick House ???

As I was taking my measurements to give me a better idea of what exactly is going on with the body. I am standing in this great big mirror measuring both of my old waist (where pants can not button anymore) and the new waist. Then the hips, there was a time when I would not have measured the thighs but ladies there also was a time when they did not touch. As I am looking at all of me and there is more than ever before and I wonder what has happened to the Princess. Anyway while I was doing the tape measure thing the song Brick House started running through my mind and I couldn't remember was the numbers were and then like a tone of bricks it hit me 36-24-36. This would be a good goal for me to shoot for ..... not. I need to state a goal, I just don't know what is a good weight, I remember when I weigh 125 I don't want to try to get there. We are already too far into the year to shoot for that. I think that I have gained at least 10 pounds in three months. From doing nothing other than eating everything that is in a food good. I worked out on the treadmill again tonight and worked out with one of those resistance bands, arms and shoulders, thighs and butts and sexy abs. That is actually more work then it appears. Now the funny thing is in my small mind I actually believe that I should be able to see the results maybe in the morning. Don't you wish that was all it took. About 1 hour of work and all damage is repair? What is damage? 2 waists, measuring thighs, panties that are too tight, bras that are so tight that when you remove them they spring across the room and it takes a least two hours for the marks (from bra) to go away. Well I am going to do better this week with the foods and much more exercise. I will state a goal this week.
Ladies stay focused and remember you can be a BRICK HOUSE.

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