Monday, January 7, 2008

Wonder Woman's Thoughts on Fad Diets

Ladies...we have a readership. Don't know how big, but we do. How do I know? I got an email today asking me if I've heard about a new diet and giving me all the details.

Now, I've been struggling with my weight my entire life. ENTIRE LIFE. Don't even get it twisted. I have done every diet known to man and after over 20 years in the game, THE ONLY WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT AND KEEP IT OFF is to change the way you eat FOR GOOD and exercise FOREVER. You can not expect to keep the weight off by doing a two week fast/cleanse and then going back to the same bad habits that you had before you started. You can't just take some "pills" and burn all the fat while eating everything you want and not exercising. It is a lie. The only "diets" that work are the ones that teach you how to eat for life. Period. A eating lifestyle change. NOT just something you follow for a few weeks and then, cause you can't stand it anymore, you go right back to the old way.

I keep mulling over what "diet" I'm gonna do. I'm leaning on not doing any "diet". I KNOW how to eat right...and damn it, I'm gonna do it. A food diary is gonna be the key.

As for "spot" reducing. I don't believe in it. I've been working out, training for runs, working with a personal trainer, teaching aerobics (as an ordinary human - not as Wonder Woman) & kickboxing and you just can't spot reduce. When you exercise you work your entire body, not just your belly or arms. Now you can make a part of your body bigger and look all scary like - you've seen those guys in the gym - HUGE arms/SKINNY legs or vice versa. Not a good look, especially on a SuperWoman. Not so much.

Anyway, ladies - do what you will. Just don't let the hype get in the way of long term success. If one of these ideas jump starts you on the path - DO IT! Just remember to make some long term lifestyle changes too. When each of us reaches our goals, which I know we will, then I'm gonna be the biggest cheerleader and gonna get my invisible plane out for the celebration we are gonna have (We should start planning).

Here is part of the email that was sent. Do with it what ya want.....


Have you seen the latest issue of Prevention Magazine and the article on the Flat Belly Diet? A new diet targeting women's mid section and no crunches are even required!

The Flat Belly Diet! by Liz Vaccariello, Editor-in-Chief of Prevention and Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD, Nutrition Director.

The diet consists of 4 meals a day, each 400 calories and you must include a monounsaturated fat at every meal.

Much more information can be found on the website

Take a look at more of the amazing details below, thought you'd like them for your blog!

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