Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Writer Drops 168lbs...BLOGS to inspire others

Super Women! Where are you? Have we already fallen off the bandwagon and gone back to our usual ways? I haven't seen, nor heard NOTHING from any of you in a while. Perhaps this story will inspire us all to keep "hope" alive.


....and what is Wonder Woman doing....getting ready to run on my treadmill, renewed 10 sessions with my Personal trainer, and signed up for WW online. Work with me!!!!!

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Terri said...

Oh Lisa! I am stuck at 200!! If I exercise or don't. If I count calories or don't.
It is so incredibly frustrating. And Joe isn't really any help. He would exercise with me, but he's so...so....military about it! I hate it!

I am going to keep trying (Never did start that ab program) but honestly when I look in the mirror, I could just cry.

And any way since when is 129lbs a size 4? I weighed 102lbs once many, many years ago and was a size 4!! Have things changed THAT much???

p.s. I am walking every day still...