Thursday, January 17, 2008

I Lost a little weight

What difference a week can make, good news some how I have lost some weight. My Office Mate would tell you that we tried to kill ourselves we did a mini diet, we ate enough cabbage soup and fruit and vegies to last until (next week) a while. We joined these ladies at work in a group like weight watchers and we were the leading losers. What a great feeling that is, but if I tell you that it was so gross believe me, I like cabbage and fruit and vegies but not as the only foods you can eat. Dieting is not for the faint at heart, well ladies I can stack stones, set toilets, unclog drains, lay tile the list is endless, however I have no (none) will power when it comes to diets. So the best I will be able to do is pay attention to what I am eating. Which is way better than what I have done. Keep up the work ladies. talk to you soon

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