Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Opps, Joining a Group

Sorry, I got a little excited and hit the key too soon.

Anyway, I did the thing that I know is a motivator for me I joined some women from work in a group like Weight Watchers, and what I realized is that I have never in my life tried to loose weight. I guess I have always been satisfied with my wieght/appearance. With that said, that is what I think this is all about for me is my appearance, how I feel I look to myself. Basically how tight are my panties. They are tight now, I am a really disapointed with myself for getting to this point. We all can look at events or issues in our life and justify some of the gain but that is just not working for me today. Ladies after sitting in that meeting discussing ways to work off weight I decided that I need to really do something fast. We weighed in and if I said that I was so very surprised, disappointed and a little ashamed (of me for not paying attention) with what I weighed that would be an understatement. So I am going to state a goal of 20 lbs for now with more to come. I did some body measurements the other day hopefully is will be able to report some good results soon. The Warrior Princess is ready for battle are you????

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