Saturday, January 19, 2008

a deer, a car & a 19 yr old

The 3 things listed above should never be used in the same sentence.....yep she cracked up the car with a deer last night. She's ok, the only one hurt was the one with 4 legs. Her car however will be in the shop a while. She's bent out of shape about it but I look at it this way, she's ok and why the heck do I pay out the nose for insurance month after month if it's not used every now and then. At least I'll feel like I have something to show for my money. The theory of my tale is this.....don't sweat the small stuff...shit with it and move on. The sun still came up this morning and life as we knew it continues. If you cheat and pig out, enjoy is while it lasts but know your gonna get back on the wagon the next day. Myself, I went on a date with my man last night for dinner, we went to Ginza and had Japanese Hibachi. It was most yummy and in my deduction not to bad on the side of calories since it's all grilled. The only carnal sin may have been the fried rice but who can expect a body to eat any type of oriental food and not have fried rice? I mean come for real. Skipped the sushi this time so I wasn't so stuffed I didn't have to be wheeled out to the curb and deposited in the truck by some chinese man that weighs 100 pounds less than I do.

Till next time, keep on trying and don't sweat it if you don't lose everytime you step on that stupid scale.


Swaz said...

glad you're baby girl is ok!

hot_tamale45 said...

thanx swaz!