Thursday, January 3, 2008

Virgin-ia Blogger

Thanks for the invite...never blogged before, but I have dieted. Many, many times. Currently I'm a Weight Watcher.  I lost 26 pounds last year but have gained 8-10 back during the spring and summer months I didn't attend the meetings. I could offer up a few, actually many excuses why, (too busy, stress, a retirement, 2 new jobs and two graduations)...but bottom line is more calories in than out. My goal is to lose 15 more pounds. I want to be an after...oh yes I said it! WW works if you follow the plan,  journal and (shhh) exercise. Yeah right...we all know what it takes already...exercise is the hard part for me. Other than walking the dog that will never die...I'm just not very disciplined. I think this might be fun and supportive, so I'm in if you'll have me. Till next time~~~Swaz

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