Tuesday, January 1, 2008

D-day/Starting day

This is a day that I have talked about for two months, so tell me why this morning after I finished a wonderful breakfast I said "oh boy, I should have started my plan today" but that's ok, I will go get "Leg Magic" today and that will fix it (all my problems). Well it is 9:15pm no "Leg Magic" and I have officially failed today. I did purchase a video to help me get lean and in shape (more warrior like, my outfit is getting a little snug). I just cannot wait to try out the "10 Minute Solution" and "tone those trouble spots" Oh yes, did I mention I did try to get on scale today and discovered it is broken. (it is true) I was speaking to a Friend and she said I thought you wanted to lose 10 pounds I am still laughing. Although the scale did not work, you all can assume that 10 pounds is not my goal. Hopefully this week I will be able to get one of those high-end scales that measure the dreaded body fat. It really wasn't meant for today, so new date January 2, 2008. Now as the Warrior Princess I plan to attack this weight issue like any other problems that have come up. The good thing about the weight issue it is in plain sight and every time I put on my Warrior panties I am reminded that there is work to be done. For those of you who may not know Xena is a warrior with a dark and sometimes shameful past. A chain of events in her life led her to a new direction and a new purpose. No longer a warlord (witch) hell-bent on becoming the "Destroyer of Nations," (head witch) she has chosen to fight for what she calls the "Greater Good" (slim and sexy and just plain old HOT) and hopes for redemption of her past sins. Her great courage knows no bounds; fear does not speak her name, whether her foe be faceless or not. She has only one weakness......(FSA )FOOD/SNACKS/ALCHOL

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