Wednesday, April 2, 2008

It's NOT so Simple After All

One of my HUGE pet peeves are people who have been slim ALL of their lives, have never - ever, not one day, had to struggle with their weight GIVING ADVICE on how to lose/maintain weight...and they always add somewhere in that advice "how simple" it is.

- Just do this
- Eat ony this type of food
- Cook this way
- Just stop, Just control portions, Just don't eat after..


These are they same slim people who usually hardly ever exercise (at least not a exercise that produces any sweat)...Pilates, Yoga, Tai-Chi etc. and will tell you that just doing those things along with their diet recommendations will help you lose weight - SIMPLE. They have never ONCE had to lose any appreciable weight (may 5 lbs for the big event - which they did SIMPLY by doing an extra session of Pilates).

SHUT THE EFFIN UP! I hate that shyat. You've got no clue. You have no idea about struggle, about losing 20, 30, 50lbs and the freakin pilates ain't gonna do it. There is nothing SIMPLE about what the rest of the plump world has to do to keep fit, lose weight, eat right. (Those that are trying at least) But you would NEVER understand at all.

Let me give you a damn and my plump, weight liftin', kickboxing, personal training sweating sisters will haul off and whoop your skinny, can't run round the block, can't lift half your body weight AZZ if you say another dang thing to us about it being Simple. SHUT THE EF UP and let us get back to WORK.

And yes, I hate your skinny, condecending, righteous behind. Walk a mile in our shoes (if you can keep up) and see how simple it really is.

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